My Jung Typology Results – What’s That!

Myers Briggs My Jung Typology results could not be more accurate. I am 41% Extravert, 6% Sensing, 56% Feeling and 6% Judging.

The first thing I learned, after taking the test was, I am an entertainer. I love to have people around and be involved in anything social. I am also someone who sticks to the rules and like to have a plan of what is about to happen.

As strong as i am, I am also “easily wounded.” I wear my heart on my sleeve and express my feelings without a problem. I have a very strong “mothering drive” and takes care of others. I am “hyper-vigilant” and serve as protector. I also see the world as a dangerous place and not to be trusted, I believe that to some extent because I do trust people but once you break that trust, you can’t get it back.

My career choices are spot on, as well. I’m currently going to school to become a speech pathologist and after taking my test I realized that I am exactly where I should be. My results state that my occupation will involve direct interactions with other people, very often ESFJ end up in health care or teaching professions. The jobs that showed up were in the medical field, health care, education, and social work.

I’ve always had a place for special needs people in my life and wanted to stay in that field of work but have it be more administrative work and thats how i got to speech pathology. I am  encouraged about the results and completely agree with it.

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