Five-Year Personal Growth Plan, A Liberty University Student

5 year growthSection 1:

Over the next five years I am praying for much personal growth, what I plan to do to aid in this is the following.

Every year I plan to run in some sort of race that is longer than 6 miles. To do this I will have to train for many months beforehand. Every year I also plan to attend at least one retreat, solely as a participant, not volunteering in any way. I have found that I often struggle with making sure that I am filled. I also plan on reading the bible fully each year.

Every month I plan to spend at least one weekend doing something special with my family. Something that takes planning and is not thrown together at the last minute, that might be a weekend away, or a day trip to something more local. It will be family time, which is spent just enjoying each other.

Each week, I plan to run at least 3 times. They do not have to be long runs, but at least …