Who Is Melchizedek

church-researchSource 1- Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Melchizedek is a priest-king who went to meet Abraham, and when he did so he, “presented him with bread and wine and blessed him in the name of, ‘God Most High’”(Pg. 921). Abraham gave him a 10th of everything. They both worshiped the same God, and Abraham recognized him as a priest. Melchizedek is looked at as a man in this source, who was a righteous and God-fearing. There is nothing known about his past or his family history.

Source 2- Traditions of the Bible
This book had a lot of information, as well as thoughts on who, or what, Melchizedek is. One point that Kugel made about Melchizedek being a priest, is when he is mentioned in Psalm 110:4, “you are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek”. The main tone of the chapter is that he is actually just a king, and a fair, and a just one at that, to receive the titles that he did. It has been concluded by some that, “Melchizedek had …