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Who Is Melchizedek

church-researchSource 1- Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Melchizedek is a priest-king who went to meet Abraham, and when he did so he, “presented him with bread and wine and blessed him in the name of, ‘God Most High’”(Pg. 921). Abraham gave him a 10th of everything. They both worshiped the same God, and Abraham recognized him as a priest. Melchizedek is looked at as a man in this source, who was a righteous and God-fearing. There is nothing known about his past or his family history.

Source 2- Traditions of the Bible
This book had a lot of information, as well as thoughts on who, or what, Melchizedek is. One point that Kugel made about Melchizedek being a priest, is when he is mentioned in Psalm 110:4, “you are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek”. The main tone of the chapter is that he is actually just a king, and a fair, and a just one at that, to receive the titles that he did. It has been concluded by some that, “Melchizedek had …

Five-Year Personal Growth Plan, A Liberty University Student

5 year growthSection 1:

Over the next five years I am praying for much personal growth, what I plan to do to aid in this is the following.

Every year I plan to run in some sort of race that is longer than 6 miles. To do this I will have to train for many months beforehand. Every year I also plan to attend at least one retreat, solely as a participant, not volunteering in any way. I have found that I often struggle with making sure that I am filled. I also plan on reading the bible fully each year.

Every month I plan to spend at least one weekend doing something special with my family. Something that takes planning and is not thrown together at the last minute, that might be a weekend away, or a day trip to something more local. It will be family time, which is spent just enjoying each other.

Each week, I plan to run at least 3 times. They do not have to be long runs, but at least …

Vivienne Mackinder by Krissy 92

competition-of-hairdressersVivienne Mackinder is a world renown British hairdresser who is Currently based in New York City, She grew up in London where she attended the London College of Fashion.

After, graduating she immediately landed a position with Vidal Sassoon, eventually becoming his artistic director. In 1990, she left London for the U.S. and the chance to work with Trevor Sorbie as his International Creative Director. Vivienne is an in-demand featured guest artist/educator for premier events worldwide. She has to divide her time between teaching, editorial and advertorial shoots, advertising campaigns, entertainment entities like MTV and VH-1 and countless special events as a featured guest artist and educator. Her work is published in the international press. As a session stylist, Vivienne has collaborated and designed hair collections for runway fashion collections in New York, and other prominent areas. In the heat of the moment, you can count on Vivienne Mackinder to perform.

Her work is published in the international press.  As a session stylist, Vivienne has collaborated and designed hair collections for runway fashion collections in …

Church Membership

church memebershipThere is a very short time frame that a church has to make a good impression on a visitor. It is vital that the church is working hard to make sure that each area of the church is working to its full potential to reach its members. In this article, I will be covering how worship, preaching, prayer, missions, fellowship, discipleship, and accountability are fundamental to the life of a church.

Worship is not just about the actual music, although many people think that it is, but when attending a new church the music aspect of it does play a huge role. There are different factors that play into the success of a worship service. One of the main parts of having a successful worship service is by learning what the point of worship is.

It is not only about seeing God for who his is, his power, his strength, his love, it is also about seeing ourselves and how God sees us. Most Christians can agree about the healing that takes place during worship. …

My Jung Typology Results – What’s That!

Myers Briggs My Jung Typology results could not be more accurate. I am 41% Extravert, 6% Sensing, 56% Feeling and 6% Judging.

The first thing I learned, after taking the test was, I am an entertainer. I love to have people around and be involved in anything social. I am also someone who sticks to the rules and like to have a plan of what is about to happen.

As strong as i am, I am also “easily wounded.” I wear my heart on my sleeve and express my feelings without a problem. I have a very strong “mothering drive” and takes care of others. I am “hyper-vigilant” and serve as protector. I also see the world as a dangerous place and not to be trusted, I believe that to some extent because I do trust people but once you break that trust, you can’t get it back.

My career choices are spot on, as well. I’m currently going to school to become a speech pathologist and after taking my test I realized that I am exactly …

Angus Mitchell

Angus MitchellAngus Mitchell was born into the legacy of late legendary hairstylist Paul Mitchell. He is the only child of Paul Mitchell, the Scottish hairstylist who became famous in the 1960s for cutting hair so that it would move more freely, like women themselves were beginning to do. The elder Mr. Mitchell also helped found John Paul Mitchell Systems, the now-enormous beauty products company.

The younger Mr. Mitchell grew up on his father’s solar-powered farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. “I’m just lucky my name wasn’t River or Rainbow,” he said. As the son of the hair fashion icon, Angus’ unique upbringing in the hair industry exposed him to the same passion that inspired his father, thus leading him to eventually fulfill his destiny in the first family of hair. Angus’ distinctive and signature style as an artist was hatched from his early technical education at Vidal Sassoon combined with the free creative expression at Paul Mitchell.

Angus has parlayed his unique skill to the global community and currently travels the world for hair events …

How One Decision Can Change Everything

One decision can change everythingOf course, when you are in high school all you want to do is sit with the “cool kids” and be in the popular group everyone knows in school. Being able to get away with anything because you’ve gone out of your way to impress your teachers, to get on their good side so they see only the good in you, and lastly, make it seem that you would never do anything to make anyone feel less than you.

That’s at least what all the movies make it seem like, right? Well, in my world that is kind of how my high school was. The cheerleaders were the “it” group. Once you became on of them, overnight your reputation changed.

This is my story on how making the cheer team was going to either change my life for the better or worse (dramatic much).  Growing up in San Diego, California had an already perceived idea of what it should be like, thanks to the movies. Hanging out with friends all the time, always on the …